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Imagine a highlight in our brand that makes it a spotlight for everyone who looks for services and products in Indaiatuba!

The Achei GPS Portal was made in the purpose to unite people and create business. But, how?

Let’s put our resources together and bring to Indaiatuba an amazing experience for our customers!
We are going to unite in a single place companies, business and freelance professionals in Indaiatuba.
The Achei GPS Portal will be organized by categories based on interest, it will bring even more information and relevant content about the city, the news and a schedule of the main events.
How our customers will find the portal and your business?

Nowadays, with the popularity of the smartphone, people are used to search on Google about things like ‘where to eat?’, ‘where I find a 24h drugstore?’ or even the best schools in the town.

In one single day has been more than 2.900 searches about restaurants in Indaiatuba and 1.300 searches looking for bars.

Then we have 4.200 potential clients who are looking for great indications!

*Numbers from the SEM Rush platform on January 27th, 2019.

Besides that, demographic data shows that in the last months more than 5.000 people manifest interest in moving out to Indaiatuba city.

That is: day by day there are more potential clients to your business come to our town.

By a work from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) media online and offline, we are going to work for the Achei GPS Portal shows up as the first results of searches at Google, this will happen when terms like “best schools in Indaiatuba” or “restaurants in Indaiatuba” – and even more – be searched at the website.

With the credibility and experience of GPS Properties, we are going to transform the Achei GPS Portal in a hot spot for those who pretend to live in the city and for who already lives there.

Be a part of Indaiatuba story, join us in Achei GPS! Download our Media kit, find out every detail about our Portal and cleared up your doubts.


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